Dromemilk farm: next step

The delegation third board meeting will take place in Fuerteventuras farm, DROMEMILK, from Oasis Wildlife (Spain). The partners will make there, a technical study on the current status of this farm, the biggest one on Europe and analyzas next steps on the WP of the project.

The camel, a symbol of turkish culture

Also, the Camelmilk team visited, accompanied by authorities and project partners, the Incirliova camel fights, a tradition firmly rooted in the country and an event that Unesco proposes to include in its list of world cultural heritages.

Second board meeting in Turkey

The partners celebrate the Second Board Meeting on Turkey on January 2020, where they analyze the developments on the project and visited different camel farms guided by the principal partners of the country and public personalities: Mr. Atakan Koç (ADU), Mr. Aytekin Kaya (KAYA) and Mr. Eray Gönülaçar (OVACIK).


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