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Dairy products produced from camel milk were exhibited in Incirliova

Products made from camel milk were exhibited in the Incirliova district of Aydın (Turquey). Products such as cheese, yogurt and buttermilk made from camel milk were featured at the kick-off meeting. President Kaya stated that the products produced are currently exported to 7 countries.


Recently, the use of camel milk has increased as a new and alternative animal protein source for human consumption. However, there are some differences in the composition of camel milk compared with other kind of milk sources. One of these differences is that camel milk contains in high concentrations of antimicrobial agents such as lysozyme, lactoferrin, lacto-peroxidase and immunoglobulins. In many studies, it was reported that camel milk is not suitable for production of fermented milk, especially for yoghurt, due to the high concentration of antimicrobial substances.

Agreement for the commercialization of camel milk products in France

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has just confirmed new agreements for the marketing of camel milk produced in France, responding to the request of the president of the French Federation of Camels, Olivier Philipponneau; Doctor Bernard Faye, pioneer scientist of camel milk throughout the world and vice-president of the French Federation of Camels; and the director of the company Camel-Idea and vice-president of the French Federation of Camels, Fabrice Weecksteen.

An important regulatory goal in Argelia by Amina Narimane

Camel milk has a high content of basic nutrients (proteins, lipids, lactose), of vitamin C and niacin. Its powerful natural protective system (lysozyme, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin,
immunoglobulins and proteose-peptones3) distinguish it from other milks and make it a superfood.

Training at DROMEMILK, the biggest camel farm in Europe

Last October, the Director General for Livestock of the Government of the Canary Islands, Thaishet Fuentes, as well as regional and local authorities of Fuerteventura, accompanied the management team of Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura and the delegation of CAMELMILK, who visited the island and the camel farm DROMEMILK.

Dromemilk farm: next step

The delegation third board meeting will take place in Fuerteventuras farm, DROMEMILK, from Oasis Wildlife (Spain). The partners will make there, a technical study on the current status of this farm, the biggest one on Europe and analyzas next steps on the WP of the project.

The camel, a symbol of turkish culture

Also, the Camelmilk team visited, accompanied by authorities and project partners, the Incirliova camel fights, a tradition firmly rooted in the country and an event that Unesco proposes to include in its list of world cultural heritages.

Second board meeting in Turkey

The partners celebrate the Second Board Meeting on Turkey on January 2020, where they analyze the developments on the project and visited different camel farms guided by the principal partners of the country and public personalities: Mr. Atakan Koç (ADU), Mr. Aytekin Kaya (KAYA) and Mr. Eray Gönülaçar (OVACIK).


“This project will prove to the world that the camel is an animal that exists in the agricultural sector, such as a cow or a sheep”

Bernard Faye interview

Bernard Faye has a long standing expertise with camel farming in more than 45 countries, like as a FAO consultant in Saudi Arabia at the Camel Research Centers of Al-Jouf or Kharj. As an international camel expert, he analyzes in this interview the present and the future of the CAMELMILK project.

Labellisation du lait de chamelle : finalisation du projet

En vue de l’obtention du label de qualité ʺAppellation d’origine contrôléeʺ du lait de chamelle pasteurisé pour la wilaya Wilaya d’El-Oued,une réunion de coordination a été organisée récemment pour finaliser le projet ʺCamel Milkʺ,lequel vise à améliorer la production, la transformation et la consommation de lait de chamelle dans la région méditerranéenne.

ALGERY MISSION, Camel farm visits

FAYE and IRTA visit Algery to make a technical study on the current status of the camel farms.

TURKEY MISSION, Camel farm visits

FAYE and IRTA visit Turkey to make a technical study on the current status of the camel farms.

CAMELMILK in EAAP Congress (Ghent)

An oral presentation of CAMELMILK project was included in EAAP Congress

CAMELMILK project, Kick-off Meeting. We are working!

CAMELMILK Kick-off Meeting in IRTA Monells (Girona, Spain), 23-24th July 2019


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