CAMELMILK project organised a conference during the presence of CAMELMILK project on the International Agricultural Fair 2022

Representatives of CAMELMILK Project ,,Boost the production, processing and consumption of camel milk in the Mediterranean basin” participated at 58th edition of the International Agricultural Show that is being held at the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles, Paris, from 26th of February to 6th of March 2022.

Except presenting the camels and its products, on 1st of March was organised presentation round table under the subject ,,Camels at the International Agricultural Show“.

Under the first subject ,,Camel milk, what is the place of France within the Europe?“ Julien Job (JACO, La camélerie, France), Bernard Faye (FAYE, France) and Marta Garron (ITRA, Spain) had presentations about state of camel breeding in Europe and in the world and Gaukhar Konuspayeva (FAYE, Kazakhstan) has presentation about „Camel milk: facts and legends“. After those interesting remarks, Marta Garron held insightful presentation about the CamelMilk project, the PRIMA programme supported under H2020 and Luis Guerrero (IRTA, Spain) and Adriano Profeta (DIL, Germany) talked about perception of camel milk by consumers.

Later in the day we had an interactive debates with the participants and Elena Diaz (IRTA, Spain), Atakan Koç (ADU, Turkey) and Aouchria Amira Narimane (EL-OUED, Algeria) held speeches about camel sector development within the partner countries of the CamelMilk project (Spain, Turkey, Algeria, France).

Last, but not less important, under the subject Diversification of current agricultural productions, Mr. Olivier Philipponneau (France), Pierre Tessier (sheep breeder, France), Florence Olivet – Courtois and Cecile Magnan (veterinarians, France) talked about diversification of current agricultural production and we concluded this productive day by having a debate with Christian Schoettl (mayor of the Commune of Janvry) and Julien Job about the future of camelids and next steps in the recognition of the animal and what are our means to achieve it.


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