Cheese making training held at Tedjane dairy factory in Algeria

A training on cheese making!

A training on cheese making was already performed at the Tedjane dairy plant in Algeria by G. Konuspayeva and B. Faye before CAMELMILK project in Feb. 2018.

Then, a second demonstration was achieved during the first mission in Algeria within CAMELMILK project with other partners from IRTA and Turkey for assessing the status of the dairy plant and of the camel farm.

Postponed several times due to Covid Pandemic, this third training was held in February 2022 and was achieved in a new context including modernization of the dairy factory with new equipment and a better know-how of the technician and with increased milk production from Tedjane camel farm. During the two-days training, the following activities and products were tested: a) Quality control of the milk, b) Camel cheese type “camembert”, c) Camel halloumi, d) White cheese and e) Zrig and leben.


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