Dromemilk farm: next step

The delegation third board meeting will take place in Fuerteventuras farm, DROMEMILK, from Oasis Wildlife (Spain). The partners will make there, a technical study on the current status of this farm, the biggest one on Europe and analyzas next steps on the WP of the project.

Oasis Wildlife have 400 Canary camels, a recognized species by FAO on 2011. The Canary camel went to the Canary Islands in the early 15th century. The National Coordination Commission for the Conservation, Improvement and Promotion of Livestock Breeds, recognized it as its own breed 10 years ago, the only European one.

Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura has been working for the conservation of this camels for more than three decades, when began its journey as a zoological center. The center have one of the main camel specialists in Spain, and collaborates with many national and international projects and researches about this specie.


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