Interview with Ms. Amira Narimane Aouchria at World Agriculture Salon

At the World Agriculture Salon that was recently held in Paris, we also talked with Ms. Amira Narimane Aouachria who is a holder of a veterinary medicine from the University of Batna in Algeria, has 17 years of experience in this field, and 11 years in the field of camel breeding. She has started production monitoring pasteurized camel milk since the creation in 2016 of the first dairy specialized in camel milk and these derivatives in Algeria. She participated in several events on camel breeding and products from this animal in Algeria.
  1. What do you expect of participating at World Agriculture Salon (SIA Paris) and are your expectation met?

My expectations were just to show up the Algerian Camel milk to French people and all the Foreign visitors of the Salon but at the end, reality was more above that, since visitors have not only known the products of Tedjane but they really liked it and expressed a great interest in them.

  1. What is the current perception of camel milk by consumers and can we expect it to change in 5 years?

Consumers think that camel milk is just a kind of milks but thanks to the studies and researchers, camel milk would be the most demanded milk in near future because of its nutrition benefits such as low fat, more vitamins…

  1. What are the consumer feedback after testing the camel milk?

We had different feedback from young and older consumers, you know the taste is individual!

  1. What are the advantages and obstacles of camel milk consumption?

Health advantages are many and they are confirmed by Algerian and international research. Regarding the consumption obstacles, I believe that its rarity on the market is due to the lack of legislation allowing its market it for both importers and exporters.


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