Second board meeting in Turkey

The partners celebrate the Second Board Meeting on Turkey on January 2020, where they analyze the developments on the project and visited different camel farms guided by the principal partners of the country and public personalities: Mr. Atakan Koç (ADU), Mr. Aytekin Kaya (KAYA) and Mr. Eray Gönülaçar (OVACIK).

The CAMELMILK delegation visited Kaya Brother farm, a partner in CAMELMILK project. In this visit, they made an interview to know camel farm management and milking practise and hygiene. Also, the partners visited Gönülacar LTD dairy factory (OVACIK partner), where they produced different types of cow fermented milks and cheese, and inside the project, they will produce different camel milk dairy products.

During the visit they learned more about camels, camel milk, camel meat and Turkish culture. We strengthened interaction between two sides of the Mediterranean and also we shared different knowledge of camel sector.


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